Monday, January 5, 2015

Children are FOOLISH

It is impossible to dispute the fact that children are foolish. Not only is this a biblical sound fact. But easily proven in all areas of the world. Anyone can fool a child because of their "lack of" knowing a lot of things. So they are not wise.

That said. For the sake of argument, we can state that a child is a fool. Now, since a fool is someone who can easily be misled, they are likely to be drawn towards foolish things. So if you want to recognize the things in this world that are likely unhealthy and/or bad, then just look to the children. The exception of course would be children that are protected by wise parents. But many children are not protected because they have foolish parents. And those foolish parents will mislead children. This is often seen in the form of popular culture. It is filled with garbage designed to embrace and nurture the foolishness of people for the sake of maximizing monetary profit. Why would it be necessary to associate the foolishness of people with popular culture for profit?

This can be understood just by understanding the most basic example of deception the world has ever known. The story of Adam and Eve. Eve was tempted and deceived to eat the forbidden fruit. Satan represents a deceiver. The meaning of this story is that the tree symbolizes knowledge that Man was never meant to know. Only GOD could carry that knowledge because of His infinite wisdom. The deceiver knew that Eve could not carry that information. It wasn't just about getting into trouble with GOD. It was about promoting corruption. Eve was deceived. But because she was warned, and then ignored the warning, she suffered the consequences of her actions. Same for Adam. Adam and Eve were both fools because of their "lack of" knowing. But the story proves one important point. That faithful obedience of someone else's wisdom is far better than being ignorant just to follow your own ideas based on your own foolish ways. This goes along with the concept of giving up our own Will to follow GOD's. A fundamental concept that Christ demonstrated over and over.

Regardless of the time period in our world, people are always the same. It doesn't matter how they dress or act. It doesn't matter how often the fashion of society changes. Nothing is truly different. People are still selfish, living their lives day to day to full-fill their own desires. They still overlook a homeless person the same as they did thousands of years ago. GOD told us this is the Truth. And we can look to the world to see it proven every day. The same idea holds true for anything else taught about people in the Bible.

When a human life is conceived in the womb, it is of pure heavenly innocence. It becomes less pure as it grows. Still innocent nevertheless. A child is not held accountable by GOD. But a time will come when a child grows into a adult to carry all the crutches and burdens of this world. We become a liability to GOD. So it is very important that we know what is expected from GOD throughout our life. And we must begin to know soon after birth. Remember, a child is a fool. And it requires a wise person to raise a fool into a wise adult. A fool cannot raise a fool to be wise. But...a wise parent's child can become a foolish adult. It happens every day when they send their child to public school. Or, any situation where a child is exposed to foolish popular culture. It is deemed as corruption and should be shunned by parents. A child needs to know the truth about the world. But only on an "as needed" basis. In other words, don't teach a 5 year old about sex. The less a child knows about things, the less they are misled or drawn towards corruption. Feed their brains good things, regardless of what the rest of the world is doing. They can know some dirty truths in their minds. But in practice, they should be walking a good walk in life. Because if you raise a child in the way they should go, that is the way they will always go. And so will their own children.

Never trust society and the things it offers. Because those things will be foolish to the max. Society represents the deceiver that tempted Eve. And your child is like a sheep that wandered from the herd. Only to be demolished by wolves. Today's society is becoming more and more deceiving and influential. It is not only trying to undermine the values that come from wisdom. But it is trying to redefine bad as good, and good as bad. Look around you. A growing number of people who conform to society are directly led by the foolishness and lies of society. Praising those who were once considered degenerates for thousands of years, up until recent times. The things homosexuals are doing today, they were reprimanded for doing thousands of years. Anything that falls out of line with what GOD intended for this world He wants no part of. He did not create anyone to Sin. But people choose out of selfishness to do so instead of withholding their desires. Without GOD, we cannot live like a servant of GOD. Because without GOD, there is only rebellion and perversion of what is good. The very groups of people in this world today who intend to preserve goodness are being attacked and accused of crimes according to political correctness. It's a sickening but sobering display of Judgment times according to the Bible. And we see the many wonders in both the sky and all throughout today's society. The "magical" deceptions of media and technology. All things that are foretold are happening close together in the past 10 years. This is indeed Judgment times.

There is absolutely no chance for Sin to continue indefinitely. GOD will destroy it. And those who cling to it will be destroyed right along with it. But not without consequences. It has also been told that those who cling to Sin will meet an eternal unrest. And that alone is enough to sober the worst drunk. I prefer to spend my short life on Earth trying to make sense of it all. Doing what is expected of me by GOD, not by society. All the things that GOD made for us are also the best things for us. They give us peace. But not make us lazy and selfish like society does.