Tuesday, January 6, 2015

JESUS in the right CONTEXT

Talk about context of certain words in the Bible. Such as 'baptize' and 'blood' of Jesus. For instance. To baptize means to cleanse or purify the spirit. This does not necessarily mean through ritualistic practice. Such as we often see in worldly movies or churches. It can simply be referring to a very broad definition of walking the walk for GOD. You become baptised in spirit when serving GOD. Also, it has been told that the blood of Jesus cleanses our spirit as well. The same as baptism. Many assume this means that Jesus' death removed all our accountability for Sin. NOT TRUE!! It refers to bringing Jesus into our lives. But that alone refers to EVERYTHING Jesus brought to us in His life as a human. In other words, do all things that were proclaimed by Jesus. Because all that TRUTH is His blood. His sacrifice was not meant to turn us loose to have free reign in the world. Sin is defined the same as it always was. GOD would not change its nature. If it was wrong to do something before. It is STILL wrong to do it. Just because you know how to spell JESUS, that doesn't mean you are immune to ending up in a place of eternal unrest. We can easily walk through this life, smiling from ear to ear, being nice and soft for all those we hang around. Talking about Jesus Christ. Throwing the word LOVE in every sentence. Doing good deeds. All those things will get you nowhere. And the world continues to take casualties of Sin all the while. And its our duty to go out into the world serving a very grand purpose that isn't our own. There is ZERO room for our own wilful life. Jesus was on a large mission. He told us to do the same. To pour His blood upon us is to put us in His very human shoes. No longer are we here to play video games, watch TV, wine and dine every weekend, tend to our every heart's desires. NO WAY. There can be no hypocrisy in a True Literal Acceptance of Jesus Christ. It's a large commitment that we fall short of. Do not be deceived by the liars of the world telling us that salvation is simple. Sin is Sin. And GOD's rejection of it has never changed. We cannot walk in it and expect something in return. We should be striving to get rid of it in our lives any way we can. Otherwise, how can we know how to reach others? The Pharisees were well intended on relaying TRUTH to others. But they did so in hypocrisy. Thinking that it was okay. Not realizing that the TRUTH cannot come in such ways. Jesus showed us TRUTH in a different light. Because He was able to. And He told us to do it His way. We will likely always fall short of following Jesus. But we should try with all our might and with our life.