Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Today's popular concept of GOD has flooded the churches. This coincides with the fact that people are incapable of giving up the lives they have. Because society is designed in such a way that if you do not conform to it, there's a good chance you will be homeless and living on the streets, or in shame. Keep in mind I said "or in shame". Persecution.

Those who love the world and are misled will often separate science and religion. Because science is so compatible with the world, it is often taunted as something that rejects GOD. But little do these people know. It was once a norm for people to know GOD and science simultaneously. Remember, all things were created by GOD. So anything that is thought of was created by Him. Science doesn't automatically mean we go through life paving the way for technology regardless of consequence. There are many things about science and technology that promote GOD's purpose in this world. And that was what it was created for. So at that time, all people who promoted science did so with restrictions that if something did not serve a Holy purpose, then it was discouraged.

But people who rejected GOD, much like ancient Israel, decided to embrace the resources of this world for personal gain. This is what we see around us today. Most of what has been made by society is out of ill purpose. And one thing leads to another. If we follow the ways of society, we are going to end up going from one bad place to another. GOD is not embedded within the web of society. He exists OUTSIDE it. It is why Jesus told us to give up our life. We have to clean the slate. Rid our lives of the junk we fill it with. Rid our minds of the junk we fill it with. Scrape it off and throw it away!! It is what Jesus means when He tells us we are better off cutting off an arm to keep it from sinning. Not literally of course. But meaning that no matter how painful it is, we are to sacrifice whatever we need to of ourselves in order to live without Sin. In a modern world full of ideas and things that lead us from GOD, it is quite alot to get rid of. It would be nearly impossible to feel "comfortable" the way people do today and serve GOD. Because the comforts He provides are of necessity, not wants. Anything beyond necessity is a personal indulgence that is contrary to GOD's Will.