Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Our mind and heart are separate.

When we make excuses for a lie, saying that we know its a lie. Yet, we celebrate that lie. Then we have accepted it into our heart. This is a sign that the world loves lies over the Truth.

But take someone who complains about lies. While everyone else in the room is celebrating it. That person is outwardly challenging that lie. Calling it out. They look at him like he is stupid. They say "Oh come on. We know its not true. What's the harm?"

This is true of modern entertainment. Movies and music are made-up stories. Seductive spells embedded with many little lies. Your mind is exploited to open the door to your heart while those lies are poured into it. Even though you know the stories aren't true, you find yourself repeating the words aloud with your own mouth. You've become a liar.

Ask yourself. Would you stand in front of GOD and speak those lies? Do you think He taps His foot to those songs? Would you go to GOD and say "The hardest thing i ever had to do, is holding her and loving you"...? Would you say "Heaven is a place on Earth"..? GOD would call you a liar. Because He tells the TRUTH.

It's a crying shame that LIEs are celebrated while TRUTH is becoming more and more demonized. Even by your own flesh and blood. People often say "You're too serious!". They obviously have a love for lies. Because if they loved the TRUTH like they should, they would be serious too.

I will be the most boring and pathetic person in the eyes of the world if it pleases GOD. He is what matters.